I provide research and writing services, and my promise is simple:  
The job is done on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction. Since I've started freelancing, I've written research  reports, case studies, grant proposals, corporate histories and lots of magazine articles. I also do contract editing.

Saying you're a writer is a bit like saying you're an eater. I mean, everybody knows how to eat, and lots of people think they are good writers. Same with research. Google and Bing and all the rest have created whole armies of researchers who think knowing about a topic just requires typing in a few words and hitting enter.

Effective writing isn't just about getting your nouns and verbs to agree and knowing when to use a comma. These are all important, but the goal of good writing isn't to win a grammar contest. It's to persuade. To illuminate. To entertain. It's to bring understanding to the issues at hand. 

Good research is more than regurgitating facts. It's digging deep, using authoritative sources and getting your arms around the context that connects issues. It's fairness, nuance, substance and accuracy. 

Simply put, I think harder, write faster and struggle more with finding the right words than other people. I care about the power of ideas, about making the complex simple, and about finding the balance between poetry and prose that speaks to our souls and informs our actions.

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Ken Otterbourg